Our Lawyers Assist All Types of Businesses with Corporate and Contractual Matters

Whether you are starting a business, running a business, or selling a business, there are legal issues you need to address. Legal risk management is a key aspect of running any type of successful company, and risks can arise even before your business hits the ground. At Silverman Bain, LLP, we provide comprehensive legal representation to all types of businesses, from startups and early-stage companies to established corporations and healthcare entities.

What We Can Do To Help

When you contact us about your business’s legal needs, we will sit down with you to develop a comprehensive and custom-tailored legal strategy. What this entails will depend heavily on your goals and ambitions. Here are some examples of the services we provide:

Business Formations

If you are starting a new business, we can assist you with selecting the most suitable type of entity (i.e., corporation, partnership, or limited liability company). This entails a variety of financial, business, and legal considerations. Once you decide, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork to form your business entity and structure it appropriately.

Partnership Agreements

A partnership agreement is an essential document that defines the partners’ respective rights and responsibilities. A well-drafted partnership agreement will also address matters such as liquidations, buyouts, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Rather than relying on an “off-the-shelf” template, it is essential that new business partners have a custom-tailored partnership agreement that meticulously addresses all aspects of their relationship.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

When buying or selling a business, it is imperative to make informed decisions not only regarding the financial aspects of the deal but also the legal implications. Therefore, we represent buyers and sellers in selling and acquiring companies of all sizes. In doing so, we work closely with our clients to help them carefully evaluate all relevant risks and opportunities, and we negotiate strategically with an eye toward making sure everyone gets to the closing table on time.

Employment Matters

Hiring employees entails several legal risks. We assist companies with all aspects of managing the employer-employee relationship, from drafting employment contracts, handbooks, and policies to handling severance disputes and allegations of harassment and discrimination.

Lease Agreements

We have significant experience representing clients in lease negotiations involving all types of commercial properties. This includes everything from business offices to healthcare facilities. We also assist with lease renewals and terminations, and we handle landlord-tenant disputes for our clients as well.

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