We Represent Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Addiction Treatment Centers, Health Care Clinics, Med Spas, and Other Facilities

Running a successful healthcare facility is not easy. It requires effective operational and risk management. At Silverman Bain, LLP, we work closely with our facility clients to help them implement efficient legal solutions custom-tailored to their specific business needs.

Our Services for Healthcare Facilities

Our advice and planning is designed to help licensed facilities avoid problems, but we also help them resolve issues and defend against allegations when necessary. Some examples of the services we provide include:


We represent healthcare facilities in negotiations with suppliers, vendors, providers, and other entities. Our attorneys thoughtfully draft and negotiate contracts to protect our clients’ legal and financial interests. We understand that interaction with regulatory bodies is often required, and we’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with them.

Regulatory Compliance

It is critical that healthcare facilities implement and follow comprehensive regulatory compliance programs, including fraud and abuse and patient privacy components. Having and following a compliance program not only mitigates the risk of compliance failures but also affords us the opportunity to successfully defend against allegations of non-compliance. Our lawyers represent facilities in all regulatory compliance matters, including compliance program development and implementation, compliance monitoring and enforcement, and external compliance audits and investigations.

Licensure and Accreditation

Healthcare businesses are often subject to state and federal licensure requirements, and have a need for various accreditations. Our lawyers have experience guiding facilities through the licensure and accreditation process with numerous state and federal agencies.

Fraud and Abuse

Allegations of fraud and abuse can disrupt healthcare facilities’ operations, and in some cases, they can jeopardize facilities’ businesses. Therefore, if your facility is under investigation or facing charges, it is imperative that you engage defense counsel immediately. We have significant experience representing facilities and other healthcare entities in matters involving the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG) and other state and federal enforcement authorities.

Payor Issues

Payor issues can also create problems for healthcare facilities. At Silverman Bain, LLP, we work with our facility clients to help them not only resolve payor issues when they arise but to help them implement policies, procedures, and controls designed to avoid these issues.

Unique Compliance Issues

In addition to the issues discussed above that are relevant to healthcare facilities, we also assist with issues specific to certain types of healthcare facilities. Laws and regulations differ depending on the care and treatment provided. Our deep industry knowledge will help each facility tackle its unique issues.

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